Thursday, July 23, 2015

School School School . . . & More!

I think the title of this post about says it all! The first block of summer semester ended, and we are currently in the second block of summer with only 3 weeks left. There is so much I have to do, and it's only for two classes: Human Life Span Development, and Fitness for Life. Not to mention, I have non-school related things going on. For one, I have moved out of the Richardson House by BYU, and Hector and I got our own apartment in Murray - Lost Creek Apartments. We have been there for almost two weeks now, and it's finally started to feel like a home. We also got two cats; Draco and Nami. 

Draco is a 3 year old Norwegian Forest Cat / Maine Coon mix. We found him on a KSL listing.

Nami is a short haired calico kitten. We just got her last week from my old coworker Reyna.

We are so in love with both of these kitties. At first, they didn't like each other, but we gave it a couple days, and now they're inseparable. If Draco can't find Nami around the house, he cries and cries until he finds her. It's adorable! Draco also likes going on walks outside on a leash. It's quite strange to see, but also adorable!