Friday, July 23, 2010

Stacie's Birthday Party!!

Ok, so my friend Stacie just had her birthday and we decided that she could have her party at our house.  We BBQ'd, watched movies, swam in our pool, and at CAKE! Mmm...gotta love the cake.  We had hamburgers, kabobs, veggies, fruit, chips and a HUGE bowl of candy.  Before the party even started, I was rushing to clean the house and go to the store and buy tons of decorations.  It looked really cool.  Here are some of the pictures from the party...

This is Stacie, and this is the cake we made for her.  I found the kewl-est candles for her cake...LOL

Here is the group we had at our house.  I think a few people are missing, but this is most of them.  As you can see, Hillary and I are in the back with our arms flailing.  That's only because I was falling off my coffee table because Hillary and I set a timer on our camera's and we had to run to get in the shot.  It still looks good though.  Silly us. :)

Stacie next to her birthday cake.  It was a glorious cake.  I didnt eat any though.  Im not really a cake person,  plus I couldnt eat anything anyways because I was getting my wisdom teeth out the next morning. :(  Still hurty.  Anywho, also with this picture, you may notice some yellow spotches of paint on the wall above the oven.  That's because Blake and I are starting to paint our new house.  We're not really sure what we were doing there, but all in all, we have found a really good color that will look good. :)

A close-up of Stacie's cake as the candles were melting. Those candles melted really fast. I was surprised. Oh well, they were still kewl.  :)

As you can see here in this picture, FOOD.  It was all really yummy...from what I ate. I mainly only snacked on the green bell peppers that were for the kabobs.

Yet another picture of the food...what's left of it anyways.

Stacie cutting her cake.  She was using the knife and server that Blake and I used at our wedding. I wanted to keep them just for fun.  I didnt actually think we were ever going to use them again.  Stacie just wanted to get a little practice in cake cutting. Afterall, she is getting married.  YAY STACIE!!  CONGRATS, AND HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!

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