Saturday, January 29, 2011

School has started!

Its that time of year again. School. This semester I am taking 4 classes at MCC and 2 Institute classes. Im taking ENG 102 with M. Bethy Clark, MAT 092 with Sherry Carlson (My teacher was originally supposed to be Rose Haw, but she was away on medical leave. I hope she's ok), PSY 101 with T. Calvin Coyle and ART 142 (Digital Photography) with Nadia Sablin.  We just finished week 2 of school and so far, its awesome! I love all my classes and my teachers. I've even made a few friends in each class. :)   For Institute, I am taking Book of Mormon (2nd half) with Bro. Dunham, and Book of Isaiah with Bro. Richardson. And, I absolutely love those classes too.  I don't know, I guess to me, I just feel more happy when Im at school and around people I can socialize with. Im a people person, so I really enjoy going out with friends and meeting new people. Back in grade school and growing up in Nephi, I was always shy, but as the years went on and I got in to High School, I started making more and more friends and more people noticed me because I was always out doing something new. :)  Anywho, I just wanted to write in my blog today, mostly because I hadnt written in it since October, but also because I miss writing in my blog and letting people know where Im at in my life. And believe me, a lot has happened since October!  :) Thanks for reading. Love you all!


  1. Your Isaiah class sounds so interesting...I wish I could attend with you!
    I love you, Aunt Becky

  2. College is fun! It's nice that we can still keep in touch through blogging! I'm glad you're doing good! :)